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International Students

Animation College International Students

Reasons why you should choose Animation College:

1. Learn true character animation

Animation College specialises in true character animation. We have more than 20 years' experience in animation education, more than any other educational institution in New Zealand or Australia. The skills you’ll learn here will help you open doors to a creative career anywhere in the world.

2. Our Industry Connections:

We stay in very close contact with the animation industry, so not only are we up to speed with the latest animation trends and technologies, we’re constantly talking to the people and businesses that could be your employer one day.

3. Practical and project-based Curriculum:

All our courses emphasise true character animation and storytelling. No matter whether you choose to specialise in 2D or 3D, the principles of great animation remain the same. At Animation College you’ll learn how to create characters that convey real emotions, mimic life, evoke empathy in the viewer. You’ll also learn to tell stories that inspire, influence and entertain. Once learnt, you’ll have those skills for life and will find that they are transferable to any software, medium, or technology you will encounter in the industry today or in years to come.

4. Sought-after graduates:

The skill-based learning at Animation College makes our graduates unique and in demand locally and internationally across a wide range of disciplines, including: animation, illustration, design, gaming, advertising, film and graphic novels or comic books. If you have a passion for animation, you’ll love the challenges and opportunities we can offer to expand your creative potential.

5. We are an NZQA approved Category One provider:

Animation College is committed to excellent outcomes and operates under systems that meet national and international quality standards. We consult with the animation industry on a regular basis and are governed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). We are evaluated and reviewed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Animation College has received a Category One evaluation – the highest grade possible.