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Elizabeth Allen-Oliver

Teaches the Bachelor of Animation..

Tell us a bit about your career…

I am an illustrator and animator who has predominantly worked as a graphic designer.  I had been working freelance in graphic design and illustration for 10 years prior to being a teacher.  I have had some illustrations in gallery events back in the United States.

What type of classroom environment do you like to create? 

I like to create a fun but focused atmosphere. Most of my classes start with a short lecture followed by 1-on-1’s to see where each student is on their project(s) so I can give them the feedback they need.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job? 

I really enjoy introducing them to new hobbies and ways at looking at art/the world.  Watching my students grow and come into their own styles, and create new concepts they hadn’t had the confidence to try before.

Elizabeth teaches the Bachelor of Animation first and second year students  Visual Communication, Cinematic Production, and Life Drawing.