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David Mendelow

Teaches the Bachelor of Animation.

Tell us a bit about your career…

My background is different from a ‘real’ animator, I came into the field through practicing architectural and scientific visualization in my own consulting firm only later getting into 3D animation for TV, movies, games, etc.

What do you enjoy about teaching?

Teaching at a higher level allows me to work with bright, interested students. I get positive feedback in watching them get better at being artists in a field I find love playing in. 
Teaching at this level requires staff to do research in the field which I enjoy, it keeps you aware of the leading edge and current thinking in many areas.

What type of classroom environment do you like to create?

Casual but structured, the students need to feel free to discuss, argue and present crazy, outrageous concept and ideas, however the structure required to teach practical production techniques is essential.

David teaches the following subjects as part of the Bachelor of Animation: Academic & Professional Practices (APP1, APP2 - Level 6 and 7); Context (Level 7); Investigative Project (Level 7); Capstone Project (Level 7).