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Animation College Diploma Overview

Our Diplomas have changed and developed over the years, and this is reflected in our curriculum. What hasn’t changed is the focus we place on ensuring that all our students are thoroughly grounded in the fundamental principles of true character animation. You’ll learn the principles of weight, timing, balance, flow and drag, anticipation, exaggeration and fundamental drawing skills, which produce realistic characters and evoke empathy in the viewer. Once these skills are mastered, you’ll have the ability to make your most extraordinary creations come to life – no matter what form of animation you work in, or what software you use – now, or in the future. 

Animation College currently offers three Diplomas:  Level 5 Diploma in Animation (32 weeks); Level 6 Diploma in Specialised Animation (32 weeks); and  Level 7 Diploma in Digital Media (32 weeks). 

The Level 5 Diploma in Animation is our one-year foundation course. Students can then staircase and choose to specialise in either 2D (traditional / digital) or 3D (CGI or computer based) animation.

The diplomas are focused, practical courses with high tutor contact hours to give students the most relevant industry skills to help launch them in the creative industries.