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Diploma in Animation

Level 5

The Diploma in Animation (DA) is aimed at students looking to build foundation animation skills. There is a strong emphasis on story and narrative, character design, animation principles and drawing. Students can choose to study on a 2D or 3D pathway, but will enjoy shared classes around the topics such as life drawing and storytelling.

Students will gain a snapshot of different areas within the animation pipeline, with flexibility for those who wish to hone particular skills. Students can choose to exit at the end of this year, or move into a Diploma in Specialised Animation.

Successfully complete this course and you’ll receive the New Zealand Diploma in Animation (Level 5) [Ref. 2634].

Programme Overview

Are you a fan of Hayao Miyazaki? Do you have a soft spot for Disney or Anime? If you’re captivated by the hand-drawn characters of legends like Miyazaki and Walt Disney or you’re a super-savvy techie who’s into using software, not pencils, then choose your weapon.

Either become a master of 2D Digital or 3D Computer Animation.

Kick start your animation training with an introduction to the theory and practice of animation principles with a Diploma in Animation. This one-year foundation programme gives you the option to explore the fundamentals of character animation, pre-production, specialist software and performance animation, with anatomical knowledge at its very core.

Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to launch your career as an animator, concept artist or 3D guru. A solid foundation in animation principles and visual communications will set you up to create some insanely cool stuff during our studio sessions – that’s when you get your hands dirty and put into practice everything you’ve been learning. It’s here you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of animation methods like movement and dialogue, and build your knowledge of software, workflow and industry practice. Work collaboratively, using the industry standard production pipeline to create an inspiring animation project with your fellow classmates.

Visual storytelling will be a vital part of your craft. We’ll teach you how to turn your brilliant ideas into storyboards and comics, and equip you with some invaluable cinematography techniques. Your first year also comes with a healthy dose of technology training – you’ll work with current industry standard software to develop your understanding of 2D and 3D animation mediums, and you’ll explore some mind-bending ways to use compositing. You’ll even produce your own film clips.

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32 Weeks (2D or 3D)

Start Date 

23 July 2018


Domestic Students: $9,484 NZD

International students: $19,000 NZD


Auckland, Manukau 


Level 1 NCEA and Complete Portfolio


120 (NZQA Accredited)