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What you'll learn in our Bachelor of Animation

Year 1

Year One provides a shared foundation of knowledge and skills for animation, giving you a background in narrative theory and practice, visual communication, art and observation, and an introduction to animation principles, concept development, visual analysis, critiquing and reflective abilities. You will also gain knowledge of, and experience with, two and three dimensional animation production and post-production process, technology and technique. Study of animation history will also develop your academic and critical-thinking skills, connect theory with your personal practice and broaden your understanding of the field.

Year 2

Year Two continues to deliver core subjects, but introduces you to specialist roles in practical group projects. You will play different roles within authentic production pipelines to develop, produce and post-produce animations for a variety of media formats. This helps you choose your major for Year Three. Your knowledge of storytelling theory for cinematic and interactive animation is deepened, and you are also introduced to critical theory and approaches to textual analysis. Traditional art approaches such as life drawing and clay sculpting are taught in dedicated courses in both Year One and Two. You will also explore personal creative process, try your hand at experimental animation, and are introduced to transdisciplinary thinking process, consumer behaviour and communication strategy, to help you develop creative ideas that connect with others. You are also exposed to creative practices outside of animation and learn how to pitch ideas effectively. You will also be introduced to business concepts, project management theory and research techniques, to develop project management plans and business cases which support your creative pitches. In the second half of the year you will get a taste of animation for games, developing assets for an original project you designed earlier in the year.


Year 3 Majors

In Year Three, you will begin your major in either, Story and Character; World-Building and Visual Effects; or Interactive Media and Games. Courses in the first half of the year focus you academically and professionally on your specialist role - developing your abilities to research for and produce animation assets for team projects. Your project management and research skills are enhanced, so that you can develop an effective proposal for your Capstone Project in the second half of the year. The Capstone Project is a practice-based investigation in which research is conducted individually, within a team project. While you will produce separate investigative outputs, you will collaborate in teams to produce a single animation product for exhibition. The final project for the year is an Investigative Project, which can take the form of a seminar or master class. Students will be able to present the findings of an investigation into a topic of personal interest within their major. If you choose to enter the Year Four Honours programme, you will present a seminar discussing your proposed research topic for your passion project.

Year 4 Honours

Year Four allows a full academic year to pursue the passion project that you began developing in Year Three. Passion projects can be executed in teams or individually, and are supported by a comprehensive internship programme which allows select projects to be undertaken in the workplace. Animation College also runs an incubator programme which funds projects with commercial potential with seed capital, exposes students to creatives and entrepreneurs outside of the school and works to attract investors for your start-up ideas. You will be supported to create a methodologically coherent, ethical and contextually focused research design for your project. Honours Year is an opportunity to further develop your artistic voice and professional expertise, showcase your special abilities and prepare you for the professional world as an animation creative and potential entrepreneur