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Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF)

What is CSSF?

CSSF is a fee to cover and support the provision of various student services. The fee funds key services for students to assist student success and overall well-being whilst studying at Animation College.

How much is it?

In 2019 the compulsory Student Services Fee is $340 (GST inclusive) per full time student (120 credit programme) and $170 for Certificate programmes (60 credits) students.

This applies to students across all colleges registered under the Animation College Edimus number (9324).

Those are: Yoobee School of Design, South Seas Film School, Animation College and AMES – Institute of IT.

Domestic students can borrow the amount as part of their student loan.

Setting the 2019 CSSF

The CSSF is set in consultation with students. During 2018 the Student Council (a body of nominated programme representatives) consulted with students regarding the services provided and the fee charged.

As a result of the consultation process, all colleges registered under the Animation College Edimus number (9324)* agreed the CSSF is set at $340 (GST inclusive) per full time student (120 credit programme) and pro rata down to $170 for the Certificate students (60 credits) in 2019.

The Student Services Fee funds key services for students to assist student success and enhance the graduate employment services offered at Animation College.

*The colleges registered under the Animation College Edimus number (9324) are: Yoobee School of Design, Animation College, South Seas Film School and AMES – Institute of IT.

Setting the 2020 CSSF

Further consultation with students will be carried out this year to set the fee for 2020.

The student council representatives will be asked to feedback on the services currently provided and to determine the CSSF level for 2020.

Why is this important to me?

As part of the Ministry of Education’s direction, institutions are required to report on how these fees are charged and spent. Institutions must include students or their representatives when deciding on the following:

  • maximum amount that students will pay
  • types of services delivered
  • procurement of these services
  • method for authorising expenditure on these services.

To find out more contact your Student Council representative.

Description of student services the CSSF contributes to

Animation College Careers – Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Animation College has a team of highly experienced employment and career advisors at each campus. They are on hand to help students and graduates with everything that ensures success in the workplace from assistance in CV preparation and interview skills through to sourcing and forwarding candidates for interviews with employers.

Employment opportunities sourced by the team include work experience, internships, casual and part time employment and permanent full time roles.

Animation College’s careers teams also provide on-going advice and support to students to make informed decisions about their career paths.

Life Skills and Wellbeing

In order to help students focus on their learning and achieve successful life outcomes, our Creative Colleges also offers presentations and guest speakers with expertise in a variety of areas. These presentations and guest speakers guide and enhance student knowledge in areas such as personal budgeting, health and wellbeing and effective communication skills. They also advise student in legislative areas of importance such as IRD compliance, tax laws and employment laws.

Counselling Services

Our Creative & IT Colleges have faced a significant change in student demographic in 2018 that will require an increase in pastoral care and student support activities, including the addition of counselling services at every campus.

Financial Support and Advice

Our Creative & IT colleges offer students information and advice on managing money including assistance with processing Study Link loans, allowances and budgeting.

Area Annual Revenue ($000)  Annual Cost ($000)
Careers Information and Guidance 332 332
Graduate Tracking systems 55 55
Counselling 35 35
- - -
Totals 422 422

- - -
Surplus / (Deficit) nil

Sports, Recreation and Cultural Services

Animation College conducts a range of events and activities during induction period to engage and build relationships amongst the student body. Whanau days are also held to invite and engage friends and family in the student learning process during the course of study.