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Light & Dark

Secondary School Character Competition

This year, we received over 300 entries and our panel of judges were impressed with the diversity of the entries, the composition of the images and the stories that the images conveyed.

This year’s winner of Light and Dark 2018 is Tamilla Muedinova, Year 13 from Glendowie College (Glendowie, Auckland).  The judges commented on Tamilla’s use of texture, colours and style, as well as the attention to detail which made this entry the judge’s favourite character animation technique.  The judges really liked the narrative tie-in, even though they both worked really well as singular pieces.  The two images together made the images all the more “not just beautifully executed expressions, but a wow factor with the story connection, giving extra life to the emotions”.


Other comments included, “Very nice style, nice colour palette, great expression and great poses. Tamilla’s design and character showed clearly the emotions she had chosen to capture. Poses are on point and the composition of anatomy is great.  Judges encourage Tamilla to keep doing what she’s doing as clearly she is very talented.”

Second place went to Isabel Li, Year 12 from Macleans College (Bucklands Beach, Auckland).  The commented on the composition of both images, and in particular how strong and framed the expressions in the faces were and this added to the strength of the emotions. There was also lots of details which gave elements of backstory to the character.


Third place went to Kyla Radley, Year 13 from Papanui High School (Papanui, Christchurch). The judges mentioned the great poses and nice renderings. They also loved the cartoony style, expression and the line of action of such an engaging character.  The poses gave energy to the character and the humour really elevated the images.


These lucky secondary students have won some great prizes.  The winner receives a scholarship for the Bachelor of Animation degree programme, which can be undertaken at Animation College’s Auckland Central campus or Yoobee School of Design’s Wellington campus. They’ll also win loads of vouchers, subscriptions and prize packs from competition sponsors. Second and third place winners will walk away with a bunch of cool prizes too, courtesy of Light and Dark’s primary sponsors - Adobe, Wacom, Gordon Harris, Playtech and Arkham City Comics.

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